GENCOR supplies and connects a range of auxiliary fuel tanks based on customer’s or site operation’s requirements. We have the knowledge and expertise to supply and connect auxiliary diesel fuel tanks at various sizes. From design, delivery, off load and position, to connections, we can manage the complete process whilst meeting the highest safety factors.


Model Capacity Dimensions (mm) Tare Weight Laden Weight
Litres Gallons Length Width Height
GTS-450FT 450 99 1300 1000 750 380 Kg 763 Kg
GTS-950FT 950 209 1670 1050 1235 680 Kg 1488 Kg
GTS-2000FT 2000 440 2550 1130 1235 980 Kg 2680 Kg
GTS-3000FT 3000 660 2550 1650 1235 1150 Kg 3700 Kg


Salient Features

  • Tanks are fabricated from high grade mild steel
  • All APS Bunded Tanks contain Lap-Joint double welded seams for extra strength
  • Approved Bunded Fuel Tank, Compliant with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2/PPG26)
  • 4 Way Fork Pockets and Lifting eyes on Two Sides are provided for easy and safe handling
  • Frame designed for Multi Stacking for economical storage and transportation in Containers & Truck Beds
  • Space efficient design : Can easily stack up to 2 high when full and 3 High when empty
  • Internal Baffles included in all tanks to prevent Fuel Surge
  • Unique Hex Corners for extra strength and Hose Openings in front to allow tank to be used when locked
  • Bunded outer tank capacity 110% of volume and removable inner tank for maintenance and cleaning
  • Outer Bund acting as a protective framework for extra security
  • Two feed and Two Returns as standard Connection to multiple equipments
  • Secure Lid with Lockable Hatch is provided on the tank
  • Inner and Outer tanks sand blasted and primed to SA 2.5
  • Three quotes of Paint for the Outer Tank (Epoxy zinc rich primer, Epoxy high build & Polyurethane surface)
  • Two coats of Paint for the Inner Tank (Epoxy zinc rich primer and Polyurethane surface painting)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified